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Shae Sau’s intimate self portrait captures the continuous struggle and fight for gender identity. Born with a female body, what occurs when the mind embraces masculinity? Intimately revealing triumphant aspects and struggles, Shae’s courages film investigates a masculine identity
MOTIVATIONS – COLLEEN BROWN Colleen Brown intimately documents her mother’s on-going fight with Multiple Sclerosis. From private confessions to incredibly revealing moments of family and togetherness, Colleen’s film has received attention from the MS Society, as well as several festivals across the country. Brown is a recent graduate of Central Connecticut State University’s Department of Communication – Digital Filmmaking Emphasis


Identifying areas of interest, casting, filming and ensuring trust of participants are difficult skills to achieve.  

To prepare, CCSU Digital Film students engage in a range of theoretical, technical and artistic courses.  Additionally,   individual mentorship in storytelling and production are provided to further develop their skills. Building upon the foundational filmmaking courses, Documentary Filmmaking explores truthful human behavior, character-driven stories, tactics and obstacles in non-controllable filming situations.


WARNING: GRAPHIC LANGUAGE. Stuck in the suburbs of CT, My Gritty Dream explores the life of a non-union actor on the brink of pursuing the dream…making a living.

After receiving her BFA in Theatre at Marymount Manhattan College, Emily had big dreams.   Instead of living them,  she returned home to the suburbs of Connecticut and enrolled in CCSU for Filmmaking…, but dreams don’t just die…they take different paths.   



Beginning with no experience, through guided workshops and practice, Film students build and advance their skills in observation, aesthetics, coverage, critical thinking and story-telling techniques.  The work can be transformative.  Normally within one year of training, Film students are regularly commissioned to produce films and commercials, while also developing of their own work, training and production initiatives. 


Kara Brewer presents her unofficial documentary trailer. Filming her own turbulent times with BOR Syndrome (a genetic disease), Kara’s fight for life, love and making every moment count is in production. Kara Brewer won The Health Justice Connecticut Film Festival’s 1st Place. Her work has been featured on many sites and in community conversations.
Central Connecticut State University Film student, Jensun Yonjan,explores teachers fighting a crumbling educational system in Nepal.
Documentary Filmmaking delves in unpredictable narratives, conditions, issues and dilemmas. It is complicated and intimate work. To perform that, CCSU Filmmakers always choose their own topics as they are guided, with multiple filmmaking options / techniques to successfully achieve their goals.. This work has received national recognition, while preserving extraordinary struggles, end-of-life care, illnesses and amazing triumphs as well.