Raw Will – Joshua Therriault – A CCSU Film Alumnus

Production Still - The Premise - Joshua Therriault

Filmmaker, Joshua Therriault arrived at CCSU with ambition to film. After the Intro course, Josh developed ideas, shot regularly and returned with an unlikely and depressing scowl. Though all students arrive with different challenges, Josh had an uncanny urge to move, (or jolt) the camera constantly.  For months, we observed shaky footage, restless shots and a whole lot of bump on ample subjects and locations. Needless to say, the footage was unusable.


When it comes to chasing a dream, “desire” can make all the difference.  For Josh, there was no shortage in this department.  With unusable footage in tow, he engaged his challenges. He confronted story-telling obstacles through scripting and improved his cinematic technique with rigorous practice.  In one semester, he actually attended a class he was not registered for.  None of this was easy by the way.  At times it was excruciating and filled with failure.  But there was triumph as well…and that is the point: through learning, succeeding, failing, knowing why and improving, skill was built and undeniable talent, earned.   We are proud to feature Therriault’s latest work, THE PREMISE

Josh attended CCSU from 2007 to 2012.  He received his BA in Communication, has worked with Forest Whitaker, Ray Liotta, and Dean Cundey A.S.C (DP of Jurassic Park, Apollo 13 and Halloween).  He currently works for ESPN and is a freelance Independent Filmmaker.

Posted by: Jeffrey Teitler – Associate Professor, Central Connecticut State University